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The Story Behind The Name

Each of the suppliers for Viens Voir Homewares has many things in common. They all produce beautiful things of outstanding quality and many of them are family run businesses.

When talking to these families their love of what they do is very evident. I always like to know details so if you do too, please read on!

Tissage - Moutet

In 1910, in the south – west of France in Orthez in the Bearn area, Jean Baptiste Moutet started a small atelier where he created handmade fabric for men’s clothing. Today this family business in Orthez in the Bearn region is in its fifth generation.                                                                                                          

It is recognized for its creativity and is a member of Ateliers D’Art de France, an organization which promotes the very best artisans of their craft. Its range of beautiful linen can be seen in museums, chateaux and the homes of those who simply love things of superior quality and style.

Tissage – Moutet is renowned for both its traditional designs and its vibrant creations designed by artists such as Hilton McConnico and Zofia Rostad.

Amandine De Brevelay

This company owned by Sylvette and Alain has its atelier located in an old private school built in 1899 and situated in the heart of Brittany. Amandine was the name of Alain’s Grandmother who came from the village of Saint Jean Brevelay.

Beautiful family linen is the passion and inspiration behind their company which was launched in 1991.

Refinement and delicacy, authenticity and sustainability are four words which perfectly describe Amandine de Brevelay’s beautiful artistic creations.

All the original creations of this French brand share a high standard of quality.

The company is proud of its Masters of Linen accreditation, a European organization promoting quality linen. This provides a guarantee that all flax grown and linen produced in the European Union is in compliance with environmental standards.

Amandine de Brevelay is also a member of Ateliers d’Art de France, an organization which promotes the very best artisans of their craft.

Maitre Savonitto

Maitre Savonitto is located in the Var region in the village of Callas, a charming Provencal village which has kept its authenticity.

Owners Karine and Aldo have combined their passions for Provence, nature and well being in their range of products using the finest essential oils from both Provence and around the world. 

Each of the oils is chosen for its particular benefit to the skin. Whether it is argan oil or black cumin seed oil the combination of quality ingredients and the decorative appearance of the products make Maitre Savonitto unique.

We are thrilled to be the only store in Australia selling these beautiful products.  


Deshoulieres has been a leading French porcelain manufacturer since 1826.

In the town of Chauvigny, in the Poitou - Charentes region Louis Deshoulieres transformed a pottery into an earthenwear factory and so began the manufacture of this exquisite porcelain.

To be classified as Limoges porcelain, items must be produced by factories near the city of Limoges.                Today Deshoulieres has four production sites where they they employ state of the art technology and ancestral know how.

Deshoulieres supplies table wear to many prestigious restaurants in Paris and around the world and is renown for  its quality.

Currently we have one design, Blanc en Blanc. This classic design is one that will complement your existing pieces of table wear and with its gorgeous shapes will soon become your favourite.

Viens Voir Homewares is delighted to be the only store in Australia selling porcelain made by Deshoulieres.

Market baskets from South - West France

The markets in Villefranche de Rouerge  are always on my list of places to visit when we are in Saint - Cirq - Lapopie.

An abundance of stunning produce and the array of delicious cheeses combined with a wonderful atmosphere makes for a fantastic morning.

It was here we met Jose and his family who make the traditional market baskets we sell. Jose learnt his skills from his father and today this tradition is being passed on to other family members.


Another family business based in Bordeaux, Mirontaine's beautiful stationery highlights the art of writing.

Their unique range of cards, notebooks and writing paper invites you to take the time to send a card or write a note. Exquisite illustrations and superb quality paper make each card a gift in itself.

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